#1 Best Seller in 12 Countries

Pragmatic Psychology

By Susanna Mittermaier!

Pragmatic Psychology by Susanna Mittermier :: Bestseller in 12 countries


What if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

If you would go to a psychologist and tell them that your insanity is a gift to the world, they would probably nod, scratch their chin, adjust their glasses, do their best to look understanding and in their head you would sense the alarm going off: “Oh my god! This person is totally nuts! What diagnose will I give them?”

What if your craziness and everything this world calls insane, is a gift to the world not yet discovered? Would you be willing to get over the necessity to fit in, to be normal, average and the same and explore the true brilliance of you? The greatest brilliance is you being you! You are what the world requires!

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Gary Douglas, founder of Access TestimonialPragmatic Psychology is one of the most gratifying books one could read.


I was a psychology major in college and learned that psychology is the study of knowing, only to discover that it had been changed over the years to be the study of how to make people behave.


This book returns us to the basis of psychology, the return of knowing and awareness. If you ever doubted yourself you will be glad that you found this book."

Gary Douglas Founder of Access Consciousness™
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